Role: Art Director

Brand strategy / Interior design / Campaign concept / Mood- and storyboards / Photoshoot / Social media strategy

Recycled plastics — it’s fantastic. Made from 97% recycled plastics (bottles, air conditioner units and other junk), Urbanears new wireless earbuds come with 30 hours of playtime. All in all, a solid pair of buds with a slightly smaller environmental impact. Called BOO + BOO tip.

The launch of BOO was a milestone and a long pursuit to challenge the electronic world with recycled materials. Naturally it became a re:set for the brand, a push pause play. And the journey to find the new path forward ended up being a path backwards and into their roots. 

I was hired to find their story and to establish the art direction for Urbanears new creative platform. Coming to life through a physical space - made for collaborations and workshops betweend brand and other creatives. 

Mari Bergström
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